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Salesforce Ohana: What’s it all about, and why should you think about getting involved?

05 November 2023

By TechOhana

Salesforce Ohana: What’s it all about, and why should you think about getting involved?

Whether you're just stepping into the fascinating world of Salesforce or looking to dive deeper into the Salesforce Ohana, you’ll find the info you’re looking for right here! In this blog, we're about to unravel the secrets of the Salesforce Ohana, a vibrant, supportive, empowering community no matter where you are in your career journey.


The Power of the Salesforce Ohana

 What is the Salesforce Ohana? Well, it's not just a buzzword. It's a culture, a way of life in the Salesforce ecosystem. Think of it as one big, welcoming family. When you're part of the Ohana, you're never working alone. They’re all in it together, supporting each other's growth and success.

If you’re a Disney fan, you may have heard the Hawaiian word Ohana in its Lilo & Stitch films. They loosely translate it as family but not just blood family; it means friends and extended connections that are important to you. The idea of the Salesforce community is more than just a few people online but a robust support system, which is why Salesforce uses Ohana to describe the people it brings together.

Here’s an example: imagine you're stuck on a tricky problem in your Salesforce project. Instead of banging your head against the wall, you can turn to the Ohana for help. It's like having a team of experts at your beck and call. That's the power of the Salesforce Ohana!


Salesforce User Groups - A Hub for Learning and Networking


Now, let's talk about Salesforce User Groups— it may be your gateway to the Ohana. These groups are local and virtual communities where Salesforce enthusiasts like you come together to share knowledge, network, and collaborate.


Why join a User Group? For starters, it's like being part of a secret club with exclusive access to valuable Salesforce insights. You'll learn, grow, and make connections that can really help your career. It’s not supposed to be all work, though; getting together in a user group in person or virtually is an opportunity to meet and have some fun.

OK, so user groups sound good to us, but where can you find out how to get involved? Your first stop should be the Trailblazer community page.

There are Ohana groups worldwide, so hopefully, you’ll find one near you. If you don’t have a meeting near you, why not try a virtual group or even start one yourself?


The Role of Conferences and Events


Salesforce events and conferences are like the ultimate Ohana gatherings. They're where you'll find thousands of like-minded individuals, all eager to learn and connect. Dreamforce, for instance, is the annual extravaganza that brings Salesforce professionals worldwide under one roof (or virtual platform!).

Attending these events means you're not just attending workshops and sessions but immersing yourself in the Ohana spirit. You'll meet mentors, make friends, and gain insights that can reshape your career.

Here are a few places to see what’s going on:

Find out what happened at Dreamforce this year. Dreamforce 2023

Search for ‘Dreamin’ ’ community conferences all over the world with many different themes from Mulesoft and life sciences to Women in Tech. There’s sure to be something among them you’re Dreamin’ of knowing more about. Dreamin' Community Conferences

The World Tour events are always fun, with one-day get-togethers in cities globally. Not only that, but they’re FREE to attend. Hopefully, there’ll be one close to you! Salesforce World Tour events


Nurturing Personal and Professional Growth


So, how does being part of the Salesforce Ohana benefit you personally and professionally? It's simple—active participation in the community can turbocharge your growth. Whether it's through mentorship, volunteering, or contributing to forums, you'll gain invaluable experience and knowledge.


Remember the saying, "The best way to learn is to teach"? Giving back to the community solidifies your understanding of Salesforce concepts and goes towards establishing yourself as a Salesforce expert.


The Salesforce Ohana actually has its own version of experts called Salesforce MVP's (Most Valuable Player/Person). They’re community-nominated Trailblazers who offer their time and knowledge to help everyone in the Ohana succeed.

You can learn about the 2023 MVP's and how you could become one in the future in the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.


Join the Salesforce Ohana


Ready to take the plunge? Joining the Salesforce Ohana is easy. Start by finding your local User Group or diving into the online trailblazer communities. Get involved with some conversations, ask questions, and offer help when you can.


But before you head off, if you want to make your Salesforce journey even more exciting, we've got just the thing. Check out the latest Salesforce vacancies on our website. One of these opportunities could be your ticket to becoming an integral part of the Ohana and developing your dream career.




The Salesforce Ohana isn't just a community; it's a lifeline. It's where you'll find the support, knowledge, and connections you need to thrive in the Salesforce industry. So, embrace the Ohana spirit; remember, they’re there to help you succeed. Get involved; we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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